The Otago Peninsula is a special place known worldwide for the colonies of Royal Albatross and Yellow-eyed Penguin. The many international visitors who come to visit are in awe of the beautiful landscapes, wonderful wildlife and peaceful surroundings, which are an everyday pleasure here. Why not bring your bike or hire mountain bikes and explore the bays and inlets enjoying the sights and sounds of nature.

There are many interesting things to see and do here. There are beaches to stroll along, tracks for walking and mountains to climb. There are seals and sea lions, wading birds, fishing and a marine studies centre. A local museum, impressive historical buildings and lovely gardens to view. Art Galleries, Weaving Studios, Antiques shop and a variety of crafts. The choice is yours.

We carry an extensive information rack displaying brochures of all the visitor attractions plus maps of the Otago Peninsula, Dunedin city and New Zealand and we will arrange tours and make reservations. There are many and varied things to do once here and it is best to plan your time well as you could easily fill in many days.

If you are needing a break, wanting to celebrate a special occasion, or to simply get away from it all, it’s all right here at Portobello only 25 mins drive away from bustling Dunedin city where we believe “our guests are the best.”